Our experienced team of marketing professionals and influencer specialists create successful campaigns that drive real business results
We create data-driven influencer marketing campaigns that work
This ensures that our clients achieve measurable business results through influencer marketing.
We personalize our approach by understanding our client’s brand values and target audience to identify suitable influencers
This is how it works, step-by-step
We define the campaign objectives, target audience, and desired results.
Campaign Objectives
Infludesk team uses data analysis and research to identify relevant and impactful influencers within the target audience.
Relevant Influencers
Potential influencers are evaluated based on their relevance, reach, engagement, and audience demographics to ensure a good fit.
Influencer study
We create a campaign strategy that outlines the messaging, content, and promotion plan for the influencer.
Campaign Strategy
Terms and compensation are agreed with the influencer, including deliverables, timelines, and payment.
Terms negotiation
We have the influencer create and share content on their channels, promote the brand, and engage with their followers.
Campaign execution
Tracking and analytics are used to monitor and analyze campaign results. This includes KPIs such as engagement rate, reach, conversions, and ROI.
Results tracking
Infludesk uses campaign insights to improve future campaigns and repeat the cycle to achieve business goals.
Andrew and Nayef from Infludesk conducted a very cool IM campaign for us. Thanks to their solution we were able to outreach a lot of target influencers in short time, we also loved their creative brief and prediction of the results.
The company achieved a positive ROI and a bigger user base, thanks to the campaign supported by Infludesk. The team's workflow was great. They used the agile approach to project management, providing constant progress updates on tasks, executions, and deliverables. Working with them was easy and fast.
We have gone through dozens of Influencers. Selected the ones that meet our KPIs and launched campaigns according to the company's requirements. We have reached the estimated amount of downloads required to reach our goal. We had meetings anytime it was necessary. All the data was transparent and completed on time.
Justina / Studocu
Alexander / Pixel Labs
German / Vexel Labs
Elizabeth / PortalOne
Almost all integrations were done at below-market prices. Throughout the engagement, I was pleased with the team's project management style. Moreover, our expectations were met.
Thanks to Infludesk' efforts, we implemented 10+ integrations with YouTube creators from Europe.